Lovely made in France discovery

Samuel a 22 years old entrepreneur, created his brand right after graduating from a marketing business school.
Young and talented, born in Haute-Savoie (France) He had always been passionate for French manufacturing. Tranquille Émile was launched with a view on proving that it is still possible to entirely produce in France.


In fact, overconsumption and low quality products aren’t part of his beliefs. This comes in addition to his passion for “made in France » and results with some entirely French made collections. The quality of the textiles is essential when you wish to offer timeless quality products, this is why the young entrepreneur has chosen 100 % cotton duffel for his sweat and 100% organic cotton for his latest T-shirts.

The story regarding the company’s logo is also interesting, in fact, after a couple of travels abroad, he constantly witnessed the international intrigue about the original French habit of consuming frog’s legs thus earning the country a global reputation. The French Flag was then turned into said animal and became the symbole of the young clothing apparel. All the characteristics of the label are guided by a strong ethical approach. As for the name « Tranquille Émile » was an original idea from Samuel’s mother.


So, what products can you purchase from Tranquille Émile ?

On the companies website, you can find original and cosy items such as Sweats, Hoodies, beanies and T-shirts most of which declined in collections for women, men but also children. In short, pure authenticity accompanied with a perfect finishing touch. There is a real desire to nicely and properly conceive each collection. Long live this young entrepreneur filled with destiny that manages to prove that you can still offer French manufacturing quality at a reasonable price.

Find this article on : https://www.manside.fr/tranquille-emile/
Picture : Malaurie Eugenie