Hey ! Émile ! We’re talking about you !





Émile is a lazy froggy. Born in the French alps, just beneath Mont Blanc, He has always extolled “Joie de vivre” and loves to chill in the heat of his princess’s arms, especially on cold winter days.

Actually, he had dreamt for years about creating his own clothing brand that would suit his values and way of life.

He then came out of his comfort zone and associated with Samuel to launch Tranquille Emile ! But don’t you worry, he hasn’t abandoned his princess…




“Born in 1994 in Megève, French Alps I have always been passionate about french Know how. Starting your own brand at 22 isn’t easy, However, I valued to prove that it was still possible to achieve entrepreneurship goals.

Today, I consider that the consumption of low quality products crafted around the world has reached its limits. This is why Tranquille Emile is a brand who is guided only by Ethics.

I have always had the desire to undertake challenges such as this one, I wish to promote a responsible consumption. I am proud to offer a portfolio of quality products crafted in my country.”

Here’s some Authenticity !

100 % French craftsmanship

The origin of our clothing products is most important, thus the reason why we make them entirely in France.

Our fabric is created in Troyes (France) and crafted by our supplier in Aube (France).

Once assembled, our products are carefully and passionately packed and ready to be shipped to you from Megève, Tranquille Émile’s headquarters.